• Coffee Cherry- 11oz Ceramic Mug featuring repeating coffee cherry pattern | Heart Foundation

Coffee Cherry- 11oz Ceramic Mug | Heart Foundation

Your daily buZZ gets even better when drinking your favourite coffee from our Coffee Cherry mug! Just one from our new range of heart ❤️warming ceramic mugs, which will brighten your day as you sip your favourite brew. And, know that your purchase contributes to funding lifesaving research and education that helps reduce heart disease and improve the heart health and quality of life of all Australians..

Of course we should also say that these mugs are -

  • premium white 11oz ceramic
  • size is 82mm x 95mm
  • coated with Orca coating - guaranteed for 3000 dishwasher cycles
  • microwave safe
  • packaged individually in plain white cardboard box, perfect for gift giving
  • moulded foam supports inside the box ensure protection while being delivered to you

Given I’m being printed specially for you please allow up to 15 working days for me to be delivered to you.

  • $24.95