MyMarathon Fundraising Wristband

Show your support and share your fundraising page with anyone you meet. This silicon wristband looks great and is comfortable to wear when you are out walking or running. The silicone wristband is IP68 waterproof, durable, eco-friendly, heat resistance, and anti-allergy. It features the Heart Foundation logo, embedded 125 KHz Low Frequency NFC chip and a unique QR code.

This one-size-fits-all, fundraising wristband features: 

  • White anti-allergy silicone
  • Silver adjustable dual clasps 
  • Black laser printed unique QR code and Heart Foundation Logo 
  • NFC Chip with unique link to your fundraising page

 To share your fundraising page with your friends, have them use their smartphone to simply scan the QR code or tap the wristband to activate the NFC chip. It’s that easy.

"Wear your heart, share your heart.”

  • $9.99