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Flavour Sensations Recipes eBook | Heart Foundation

We hope you enjoy our new collection of heart-healthy Flavour Sensations recipes. This collection of recipes is designed to add flavour, entice the senses and offer inspiration to your daily cooking. Flavour is essential to help pull together heart healthy ingredients to create the ultimate delicious meal!

These flavour sensations include a selection of family favourite cuisine flavours –

  • Asian, Mexican, Italian, American southwest
  • or, simple fresh home grown flavours based on citrus, lime, or fresh herbs

And -

  • All these recipes can be made ahead and stored to be used when you are short on time, but need to add an extra flavour boost to your favourite meals. 

Plus -

  • These homemade sauces and flavour blends offer the full impact of flavour in your meals, without the extra salt often found in store bought options.

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